About Us

Vision And Mission
About Us


By 2025, Hunerkada aims to become a leading contributor in the fields of art, craft, and design with an emphasis of society building by bringing core values of respect, responsibility, integrity, care, resilience, and harmony in education.

To achieve this aim, Hunerkada will bring emphasis on creation of a shared universe in which students will learn and work in close association with each other, and the society.

Mission Statement

Hunerkada is passionately involved in educating as well as practically training Pakistani youth in the fields of Arts and Design with an emphasis on morality and empathy to make them useful and responsible citizens helping professionally in the progress of Pakistan.

Emphasis on morality:

Hunerkada stresses on high moral values in accordance with the religion and culture of the people of Pakistan.

Emphasis on empathy:

Hunerkada is keen to impart empathy among students so that they become more caring and supportive, for better environment while working in groups.

Emphasis on responsibility:

Hunerkada has structured education of art and design such that the students learn to act responsibly in all conditions from individual to societal levels.

Emphasis on quality:

Hunerkada has developed structured plans of study and a parallel system of evaluation at every level, thus ensuring quality of education of highest quality.