Hunerkada Professional Calligraphy
About The Calligraphy Diploma Course

Islamic calligraphy is based on the Arabic script. The Arabic alphabet includes 28 letters and is written from right to left. The letters change form when used in the start, middle, end or in an isolation state making Arabic a natural cursive language. The Arabic language and subsequently the art of Islamic calligraphy is held in great esteem by Muslims because Arabic was the language in which the Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammed (PBUH). Over the centuries many different scripts emerged. These scripts evolved over time and were influenced by different artistic styles from various regions.

Thus Arabic calligraphy has developed over 14 centuries in various regions of the world. Traditional scripts are still used today to venerate the word of Allah.

Eligibility Criteria

  • No age Restriction
  • Minimum Education Matric
  • Batch System

Documents Required

  • Copy of ID Card
  • Copy of Last Education
  • Passport Size Photograph (1)